• How long will my order take to process?

Processing times can vary, depending on time of year.  Most orders are digitized in 21 days or less. Orders received prior to holidays can experience longer processing times. We do offer expediated rush processing for an additional fee. This guarantees a 10-business day processing of your order. Remember to factor in return shipping time as well. An expedited rush shipping option is also available.


  • Who is The Video Editor?

The Video Editor was founded in 1993. To date we have helped hundreds of thousands of families nationally to digitize and preserve their aging tapes, films and photos. All work is done here in Orange County California. Yes, Disneyland is our neighbor.


  • What’s in The Video Editor Digitizing Box?

Digitizing boxes are the easiest most convenient way to organize your tapes, photos, and films. The kit includes a pre-paid UPS return shipping label, packing materials, barcode stickers for each item and a secure sturdy box. Everything needed to safely ship and track your memories.


  • What is the best way to ship my order to you?

Once you order we will send your digitizing box along with a pre-paid UPS shipping label to return to our headquarters. The UPS shipping label is only provided for customers located within the USA. At this time, we cannot accept orders from out of the country. If you cannot use UPS, please use the service that you’re most comfortable with. We always suggest you insure the package.


  • I’m local to you can I visit your facility and drop off my materials in person?

Yes, we welcome walkup customers however we request that you call ahead to schedule an appointment so we can better serve you (949) 720-2080. Walkup Hours: Monday-Friday 9-5pm PT. 

       The Video Editor

       4590 MacArthur Blvd. #500

       Newport Beach, CA 92660


  • Will my materials be returned to me?

Absolutely all of your family media materials will be returned to you along with your new digital copies, your choice of DVDs, a digital download, or a USB thumb drive.  Some customers may want more than one choice, call us, we’ll accommodate.


  • What kind of materials can I send in my Digitizing Box?

You can send us consumer home video tapes, reels of 8mm, Super8 film, printed photos up to 8x10", 35mm negatives, and 35mm slides. An item is a videotape, or a bundle of 25 photos or slides or negatives, or an 8mm or Super8 film reel up to 7". You can mix and match items to reach the item limit either (2 items, 10 items, 20 items, 40 items). Have more to send? Add them in, each additional item is $15. If you are not sure what you have call us and we’ll help you figure it out.

WE DO NOT TRANSFER- Copyrighted material, store-bought videos or movies, or anything obscene, violent, with nudity or illegal. We do not transfer PAL / SECAM format (European) videotapes or 16mm film.

  • What resolution will the output be in?

640 x 480 for videos.  Photos are scanned at 600 dpi. Higher res on request. 35mm slides scanned at 1200dpi.


  • Is there a price break for tapes shorter than 2 hours?

No.  The same flat rate applies to tapes from 1 minute up to 2 hours.  Tapes over 2 hours in length incur an additional footage fee of $15 per 2 hour segment.  If we encounter a blank tape we will refund/credit you.


  • Are my photos and videos enhanced or cleaned in any way?

We take a straight feed of what’s on the videotape or scanned in the photos.  However, many people tell us our commercial-grade equipment made their media look better.

If the tape is broken and doesn’t play, we can usually repair it at no additional charge.