Transfer 8mm, 16 mm and Super 8 Movie Films to Digital Format

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16mm, 8mm
& Super 8 to DVD

Transfer your old
film tapes to DVD.

16mm / 8mm / Super 8 to DVD
Transfer Movie Films

16mm, 8mm and Super8 video transfer

We use the direct transfer method that has worked especially well for us over our nearly 20 years in business. We brighten and color correct the film to give you optimum quality yet at the best prices. Yes we beat Walmart, Costco, and all other big box stores, Plus we do everything in house, not shipped out like the big guys and our turnaround is extremely fast, most orders completed in 10 days not 3-4 weeks. You also have the added assurance that if something is not right, we stand behind our work. Our experience works everyday for you.

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16mm, 8mm & Super 8 films to DVD

8 mm superfilms to DVD

3" reels $12.50 each
5" reels $40.00 each
7" reels $76.00 each
Minimum order $60.00
DVD master disc $10.00
Add Music $10.00
Titles $5.00 each

16mm, 8mm & Super 8 film to Digital

$12.50 per 50 feet plus

Film transferred to hard drive

Hard drive options:
250GB hard drive: $99
500GB hard drive: $149
1TB hard drive: $199

16mm film: $19.96 per 50 feet, plus hard drive.

Film layout



Q: What kind of film can be transferred?
A: 8mm movie film, Super 8 (both sound and silent) and 16mm movie film.

Q: How much film will fit onto a DVD?
A: 8mm and Super 8 film approximately 1800 feet, 16mm 3200 feet.

Q: How do you transfer film?
A: We use the direct transfer method using specially modified ELMO projectors that actually have a camera embedded within them. The film passes directly in front of the camera lens; it then is electronically connected to a digital converter box that then passes directly to a computer using Final Cut Pro for color correction and enhancement. This method produces striking results!

Q: How do I arrange the films?
A: Most people like to arrange the reels in chronological order, oldest to newest. Number the reels in the order you prefer. If you are not sure of the correct order, give us your best guess.

Q: Do you edit the films?
A: We do our best effort to eliminate or correct any dark areas or overexposed areas.

Q: Do you add music?
A: If there is no sound on the film we can add generic background music, or you may send us your store bought CDs and we will add them for $10 a disc.

Q: How much time does it take to transfer the films?
A: Our normal turnaround time is 10 business working days. Heavy workflow or holidays may lengthen that time. A rush service is available for a 50% rush charge.