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Video marketing

What is the 2nd most popular search engine?

It's not Yahoo - it's YouTube!

Learn how to use video
to market your business online.

We call it "Web 3.0 Marketing"
Bring this topic to your next event with media expert Steve Kosch.

Web 3.0 marketing with the Video Editor

As we live in a time of constant changes in technology, fundamental shifts are taking place with regards to search and relevance to the user experience. The web and media itself are not only being integrated into smart phones - but nearly all daily experiences.


The Video Editor has been on the cusp of technology changes in the past 17 plus years and specializes in video production marketing for businesses.

With next level (Web 3.0) marketing, video plays a much larger role in the way businesses get their brand, their message, their value proposition to their core audience.


Web 3.0 Marketing the fast paced interactive presentation will bring real world examples to life with video clips and results focused case studies.


With 3.5 billion brand-related conversations a day in the U.S. Is your brand one of them?


The Video Editor founder and broadcasting veteran Steve Kosch brings over 40 years experience to this fast paced seminar that will teach you crucial video marketing strategies that will put you ahead of your competition.


Youtube has become the 2nd most popular search engine next to Google and the trend of will be more about video and less about text, more about a rich media experience for the viewer, your customer!


Businesses that have a website but have no video will find that their competition already does and will loose marketing traction.


Download the Web 3.0 Marketing .PDF and book this exciting topic for your next event!


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