Convert and Transfer VHS Videotapes to DVD Format

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Transfer your old VHS
Video Tapes to DVD.
100 year discs

VHS Videotapes to DVD Digital
Video Transfers

VHS to DVD transfering services

Old dusty videotapes, films, photos can enjoy “New Life” with The Video Editor digital transfer services. Not sure what you have? Ship it to us, we’ll sort it and give you a written quote before we begin. Click to print out a shipping label. Questions? Call or email us.

VIDEO TAPES to DVD | as low as $14.98 each

Videotapes to DVD transfer

Includes disc, labeling and packaging. One videotape to one DVD. We cannot combine tapes, if you’d like this service see videotapes to digital below.

1-5 tapes $19.98 each
6-19 tapes 10% Discount
20+ tapes 20% Discount

VIDEOTAPES to Digital $40.98 per tape

Videotapes transfered to 1 terabyte hard drive

Plus either a new 500 gig hard drive $149, or a new 1 terabyte hard drive $199


DVD Questions:

Q: What type of DVD do you transfer to?
A: We transfer to the most universally accepted DVD-R.

Q: Will your DVD transfer play on all DVD players?
A: Most players are compatible with DVD-R.

Q: How much time can you get onto a DVD?
A: For the best quality we can record up to 2 hours onto a DVD.

Q: I have several shorter videotapes, can they be combined to 1 DVD?
A: To keep our prices low we only transfer one tape to one DVD. We can transfer multiple tapes to digital hard drive.