Legal Videos for Visual Evidence and Seamless Preservation and Presentation of Facts

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Legal Video Services

Video depositions,
Settlement and mediation video,
accident reconstruction video,
and other video for law firms.

Legal video services
The Video Editor can strengthen your case with visual evidence and seamless preservation and presentation of the facts.

We pride ourselves in being professional, experienced and discreet.

High quality legal video services

A list of our Legal Video Services:

  • Redacting Testimony and Editing for Trial
  • Certified Video Depositions
  • Day in the Life Documentaries (Activities of Daily Living)
  • Site Surveys & Construction Videos
  • Settlement & Mediation Documentaries
  • Document Signing Videos (Will, Trust, Pre-Nuptual)
  • Video Production, Editing and Duplication
  • Accident Scene and Accident Reconstruction Videos
  • Forensic Videos
  • Mock Trials
  • Media and Witness training
  • DVD / CD-ROM Production, Stills from Video

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Video Depositions

Legal video depositions are a visual record of the deposition testimony of a witness. The Video Editor is dependable, professional and prepared.

A Day in the Life

We effectively capture the circumstances of your client's life in real time: consequential damages that a plaintiff has sustained because of an incident causing an injury. This typically documents the physical, emotional and social challenges faced in a daily environment. The Video Editor will record activities of an injured person such as: therapy, treatments, social interaction, occupational, and recreational activities. The point is to honestly and accurately show how the plaintiff's routine and normal life has been changed by his or her handicap, and to help the jury measure the loss.

Video has the ability to place an audience into the daily life struggles of the plaintiff and give the jury the opportunity to understand the pain, damage and financial burden the plaintiff and family has to live with. Our videos have proven to be the key to a fair settlement. A picture tells a thousand words, let us help.


Having a will may not always be enough. Will contests are common, and can often result in broken family relationships. Producing a video will can alleviate this problem, as it allows the testator to explain his decisions and to demonstrate his mental competence at the time of signing. This evidence can deter possible will contests. While no video will can substitute for a written, signed and witnessed document, it is an excellent additional tool to protect a written will’s validity.

This service also generally includes a close-up of the actual signing of the will.

Redacting Testimony - Editing Video Depositions

For 20 plus years The Video Editor has edited video for hundreds of attorneys. We will remove portions of the videotaped deposition for presentation in court. You may need to redact video testimony to:

  • Edit out objections
  • Edit a video for trial presentation
  • Edit according to the judge's instructions
  • Reduce the length of the deposition

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Videos

The Video Editor can record your Continuing Legal Education presentations that will allow firm members to view presentations when they are unable to personally attend. It is a convenient way for busy professionals to retain important legal certifications.

Legal Site Shoot

Site shoots enable viewers to see remote locations and conditions without the necessity of traveling to the actual location. These videos are also useful in displaying equipment operations and site inspections. We provide time coded digital videography and photography for defective products, accident scenes, etc.

Mock Trial Recording

Our experienced videography team can record your mock trials, providing video you will find useful for personal review of your presentations. This service will prove beneficial in strengthening your arguments and ensuring that you are fully prepared to win your case.

Trial Preparation

Multi-camera shoots for mock trials and jury deliberations. We also provide witness preparation videos with attorney and client.

In many cases, a two camera set up is used to record and evaluate the attorneys' performance as well as the witnesses. Our on-staff media training expert (CNN-ABC-TV) can counsel, advise and train anyone to face the media or prepare for the courtroom. Each session comes with video feedback so each participant can see where they could have done better and what really worked.

Technical Animation / Re-creations Video

An accident can happen in an instant. How do you stop time and explain what happened? Through computer animation! You have seen re-creations and video explanations on television crime and medical programs, and our computer graphic animators will do the same thing taking in every detail to create a realistic portrayal of what happened.

Privacy Policy

We will never share your contact information with anyone, period. We are trained in the relevant issues of confidentiality and will never disclose any private information, facts of a case or video related to a legal matter without express written permission.

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